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Business Beyond Social Media and Websites

Businesses are going beyond websites and social media for growth. And B2B marketplaces are evolving fast to meet their marketing needs.

Businesses by nature tend to get complicated, even if you try to keep things as simple as possible. A local mom-and-pop store owner would have a unique set of problems while the owner of a conglomerate would have another set. Mired in complexities, businesses are willing to pay a price to simplify things.

One major area that can be simplified is marketing. Gone are the days when freebies, large hoardings, newspaper ads, and mini vans with blaring speakers were the few reliable advertising media available to businesses. The internet has opened an alternative universe, making the world a much smaller place to expand your business.

To simplify business advertising and promotion, several firms have created a B2B marketplace to serve the marketing needs of small, medium, and large businesses. With each category having its own requirements and limitations, there are various factors to consider before you advertise your business or find the right buyer. One look at the refreshingly simple and highly informative portal and you would understand why more and more businesses are opting for such services.

Why social media platforms or websites do not work for B2B?

People on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are more interested in social networking with their friends and families or for producing their own content as a self-expression. The intent is not to buy and least so from a B2B seller. People scroll away through the message too fast. You need to keep pouring money repeatedly to grab their attention or create a recall value.  

On the contrary, businesses come to a B2B marketplace with a specific intent to research, buy and sell. Your business profile is clearly visible to buyers. Businesses are willing to spend time to research and compare your products and negotiate pricing etc. Thus, B2B marketplaces help with both branding and sales. You can build your business brand without spending massive amounts of money.

As for the websites, launching a website is one thing. But getting relevant traffic to your website is quite another. It takes money to get paid traffic and more money to set up payment and other infrastructure on your site. 

It is important to present the right image to your customers and business partners. So rather than having a shoddy online presence, it is much better to go in for a simpler and more rewarding B2B marketplace.

B2B Marketplace: Multiple Functions, One Solution

Basic business functions such as buying products, listing products for sale, and identifying service providers are just the starting point. But there is so much more that demands attention and efforts. Some of these inescapable functions that a B2B marketplace brings are:

  • Communication with customers and business partners
  • Handling enquiries
  • Establishing an online presence so that the increasing number of people relying on internet searches are aware of your business
  • Documentation such as contracts
  • Tracking deliveries

All these require time and effort. Social media platforms do not have the ability and websites are an expensive option if you want to enable these features. So, what if you had one platform that could help you with all these, and more, without investing heavily in social media accounts and websites?

On a B2B marketplace, such as the one offered by, you can not only list your company and its products but also manage several key business functions holistically.

Sellers get to select a customized package of services, depending on their requirements and turnover. Broadly categorized as services for small, medium, and large sellers, here are some activities sellers can perform on platform:

  • Get access to classifieds for both domestic and international customer base
  • Trade with clients and business partners using the dashboard maintained for you when you become a member
  • Manage the entire negotiation process, including closing deals
  • Get tips about, and help with business documents, right from invoicing, to shipping forms, to complex contracts
  • Avail payment options, including escrow payment services
  • Establish local and international supply channels, depending on the supply & demand forecast that can be made using the digital analytics tools included in your dashboard
  • Get help with international trading guidelines, international compliance requirements, import/export rules, regulations, tariffs, customs forms and other trading procedures when you have a significant presence in global trading

One of the best options about such platforms is that they have tailor-made services based on your requirements (simple listing, advertising, or managing trade transactions). So, whether you are a business engaged in handicrafts, carpets, leather, handloom, food & agriculture, or supplying health essentials, one platform can meet all your advertising and trade transaction needs.

So why not get listed and start building connections with verified buyers?

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