TradeLeaves Introduction

1. What is TradeLeaves?

TradeLeaves makes Cross Border and Domestic Trade simple through its online platforms comprising of Marketplace, Business Listing and Information Services (BLISS) and Classifieds.  TradeLeaves user-friendly digital platforms make increased visibility and exponential growth a few clicks away. TradeLeaves supplements the online platforms with its own professional services and escrow services as well as third-party services. Simply put, TradeLeaves makes it easy to buy and sell anywhere in the world—cross border or domestic.  

2. What does TradeLeaves do?

TradeLeaves assists small, medium, and big companies to simplify international or domestic trading with a platform that offers business-to-business (B2B) networking, advertising, compliance, payment, escrow, procurement, and order-fulfillment. In short, TradeLeaves makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to trade from any part of the world, locally, domestically or globally. For buyers, finding suppliers is easy and convenient with the platform. For suppliers, making their presence visible to buyers is easy and convenient with the platform.

The platforms facilitate domestic and international trade by connecting buyers and suppliers for a seamless business experience, and includes features such as a search to find suppliers, reviews of suppliers, messaging, and order-tracking. This service is especially beneficial for providing the right service providers for buyers and suppliers. Knowledge and guidance are provided to buyers and suppliers to help them at every step in the trading process.

3. How does TradeLeaves operate? 

TradeLeaves operates by linking a buyer and a seller together when a buyer searches for a particular product to buy either domestically or internationally on the platform. The search result displays sellers listing that product for sale, and then the buyer has the option of messaging the seller or placing an order directly for the product. Buyers also have the option to compare sellers selling a particular product so they can choose the best offer that suits their budget and needs. Buyers and Sellers can find freight forwarders, inspection agents, customs brokers, packagers, labs/certifiers and other service providers to help manage the fulfillment and logistics. 

4. Who can use TradeLeaves?

The TradeLeaves platform offers solutions to three types of users:

  • Buyers: No matter what buyers need to buy, TradeLeaves is the best place to find it! Locally or internationally. TradeLeaves helps buyers find suppliers with the best products!
  • Sellers: TradeLeaves makes suppliers products visible to both local and international markets consisting of buyers looking for what suppliers sell. TradeLeaves helps in expanding the sales of small business wholesale suppliers, as well as those who cater to larger businesses.
  • Service Providers: TradeLeaves connects service providers with buyers and sellers who are looking for their services either locally or internationally. 

5. Features of TradeLeaves

Some of the key features of TradeLeaves include the following:

  • Networking among buyers and suppliers
  • Locating global importers and exporters with ease
  • Finding small and medium-sized business wholesale suppliers
  • Improving online visibility through website development and social media creation
  • Providing opportunities to expand business locally and internationally
  • Integrated marketing platform with CRM and ERP 
  • Verifying and protecting buyer and seller transactions
  • Intelligent reviews and ratings
  • Accessing trade-related services 
  • Facilitating digital marketing services 
  • Order-processing and tracking
  • Offering third-party services (Finance, Freight Forwarders, Shipping, Packaging, Customs Clearance…) and APIs to Partner Systems
  • Mobile-first platform 

6. How do I get started?

  • Register and create a profile to discover new companies and trading partners to help grow your business.
  • Manage your profile by filling your information to make your trading on TradeLeaves a better experience. 
  • Choose a membership plan to join the community of business partners and traders on the marketplace, and 
  • Start trading. It’s as easy as that.

TradeLeaves offers a user-friendly platform to enhance the experience of buyers, sellers, traders, manufacturers, retailers and service providers, globally and virtually. Our global digital marketplace for sourcing and procurement is comparable and, in some ways, superior to the world’s digital trade platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay by catering to the needs of businesses in finding the right suppliers. 

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