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Get up on the Marketing Hill with B2B Marketplace

Marketing is not just a game of more and more eyeballs. It’s about the right eyeballs. In other words, it is about a good B2B marketplace.

When was the last time you bought something for your office or factory? Recall the clutter and the chaos out there. Everyone is competing for your attention. They are amplifying the noise around their marketing. But what got your attention was the clarity that led you to the product that answered your needs, before it was too late, and not before the need emerged.

Timing and visibility are new cornerstones of effective B2B marketing.

They emphasize the need for B2B organizations to find the right place to boost visibility. For a supplier, being seen just at the right moment and with the right messaging and tools is precious in a digital era.

In a study of marketing priorities done on 800 respondents, a WARC report in 2019 revealed that almost 9 out of 10 marketers hoped to expand the scale of contextual targeting. Why? Because merely increasing marketing presence is not the answer anymore. There is a flood of data, choices, and digital onslaught everywhere–they make the challenges more complex for marketers as digital deepens its hold on the B2B space.

Increasing market penetration with the right B2B Marketplace

Gartner’s advisories have pointed at the growing trend of customers’ heavy use of digital channels at every stage of the buying journey in B2B space – and this applies to Gen X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers alike.

And don’t forget how the Internet penetration in India is increasing. This penetration is not just favourable to B2C but also to B2B buyers and sellers.

Digital is not a specific segment sitting somewhere on the sidelines. It is now the epicenter of a lot of B2B marketing activities. You cannot dismiss the importance of choosing the right B2B marketplace in this scenario. Now that every other business competitor is going digital, you will have to elevate your advantage – by being digital the smart way.

Choose a B2B marketplace, that:

1. Boosts your digital presence, showcases your products competitively and helps you target specific customer segments.

2. Applies data and analytics to bring you closer to the prospective buyer at the right funnel stage of a buying relationship.

3. Empowers your interactions with tools, context, and conversations that help you build meaningful business relations.

4. Provides adequate support on related areas like negotiation, payment, contract management, and sales service.

5. Above all, boosts visibility, not just in terms of breadth but precision–that’s what you need. Any B2B marketplace can put you in the big list of suppliers. The right B2B marketplace will get you at a spot full of engagement and buyer-affinity.

That’s why a marketplace that has put in effort into designing something that is integrated and is analytics-powered, stands out. Features like buyer verification and affordable advertising options add to the effectiveness of such a marketplace. They will make you shrink the distance between your product and the desired market but they will do it in a way that does not eat up a lot of your time, money, marketing resources, and meetings.

Use a smart choice that puts you on the global map. That’s an inevitable need for today’s ambitious and global B2B suppliers. You need to be on that map. Be at an arm’s length from the buyers you are looking for. And who are looking for someone like you!

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