How to use the Business Canvas Model To Sharpen Your Strategic Advantage?

A business strategy is never a constant. As the economic climate, customer needs and technology factors change, so does the business model of any organization. It doesn’t matter whether you are minor or a significant player; the current economic and business scenario has injected the need for a lot of rethinking.  “In any business that […]

5 Digital Take-Off Tips: Give a Fillip to B2B Marketing

Personalization, comprehensiveness, speed, and omnichannel experiences boost the B2B world, thanks to digital forces. If you have not embraced the digital way of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing, you are missing out. Today, digital roadmaps are being applied easily, even for complex B2B sales areas. This is clear in the way this space is expected to explode […]

Cost, Product and Revenue Strategy: The Post-COVID Plan

The time to get ready for sharpening your margins and shaving your costs is now, before the crisis knocks you down beyond hope. Of course, economic activity would be unpredictable. For sure, recovery would be muted.  Leaders face an unprecedented level of urgency and complexity as they reopen their businesses. As an Accenture report also […]

Small advertising budget: The secret sauce of a B2B Marketplace

How to get business leads from local and national buyers when you have a small advertising budget? The secret lies in a smart B2B marketplace. Marketing budgets grow like unavoidable monsters. The cost of identifying, locating, reaching, and convincing a prospective customer goes up as you scale. Money and Marketing A recent CMO survey shows […]

How to save costs in indirect procurement using B2B Online Marketplace

It is easy to lose sight of the small amounts of money that are gained and lost in everyday operations. Can B2B Online Marketplaces save or reduce this precious cost? If you are a car-maker, you must be spending a lot of time, resources, meetings, software, and care in procuring the best wheels, glass panes, […]

B2B: Bigger to Better: The Marketplace of The Future

The B2B marketplace model is not a flash in the pan. It has a solid stronghold and direction. It’s not hard to guess why once we see its merits and unique advantages. Centuries ago, the world ran through ports that were the beehives of business activity. Ships and traders came and mingled, shared a glass […]

Lesson Learned for B2B Buyers in COVID-19 Crisis: Diversify Your Suppliers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the global economy to a screeching halt. As countries ban nonessential travel and business, industries of every kind are facing unprecedented challenges. This crisis is revealing just how impactful a disruption of this magnitude can be in a world that heavily relies on globalization to source and transport supplies and […]

10 Steps Buyers Should Take to Start Importing

Buyers who are looking to decrease costs, increase product quality, and grow their business are ready to consider importing from international markets. Ecommerce platforms are making it easier than ever to import, but it still comes with more challenges than domestic purchasing. The future of your business is at stake, so it’s crucial to understand […]

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