How to use the Business Canvas Model To Sharpen Your Strategic Advantage?

A business strategy is never a constant. As the economic climate, customer needs and technology factors change, so does the business model of any organization. It doesn’t matter whether you are minor or a significant player; the current economic and business scenario has injected the need for a lot of rethinking.  “In any business that […]

How to Build and Promote your Store on an Online B2B Marketplace?

The Online B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketplace is arguably the best thing that happened in the world of B2B business. Selling on an Online B2B Marketplace differs from selling directly to customers. B2B companies have massive catalogs that they need to manage responsibly, so they continue to be trusted vendors for their customers. It would be beneficial […]

10 ways to clear your excess inventory

There are several reasons for excess inventory including canceled orders, wrong demand/supply forecasting, changing seasonal demands, product life cycle, or a scenario like the pandemic where the demand drops suddenly. Excess inventory takes up unnecessary shelf space, blocks your capital, and stops you from reinvesting in other essential things. Few factors may be beyond your […]

Textile Industry: Digital Marketing Challenges and Opportunities for MSMEs

From a marketing point of view, the manufacturing industry looks very different from a retail or service industry. The marketing of a Textile business, especially for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), is a far cry from visually rich promotional materials or catchy copies that we see as a consumer. Textile Marketing, like the marketing […]

Top 5 Cost-Effective Advertising Options for MSME Entrepreneurs

Advertising is the most expensive exercise, where businesses invest a sizeable chunk of their marketing budget. There are so many factors to consider. Are you addressing the right audience? Is your ad effective enough? Will a campaign yield enough conversions? While big companies can keep spending on marketing, it is much harder for MSME (Micro, […]

How to use Government Schemes for Your MSME: Practical Tips and Guidelines

The Govt. has announced several measures to help MSMEs survive the COVID crisis. Consider these practical steps to benefit from the many schemes.  First things first: What is an MSME Act? The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, covers the promotion and development of micro, small and medium enterprises and increasing their competitiveness. MSMEs […]

How Indian manufacturers can compete with China

Amidst all the present excitement and eagerness on competing with China, Indian manufacturers need to figure out ways to emerge in the new landscape with confidence and complete readiness. If you are a business based in India, you must be facing a host of new factors that this pandemic has triggered. The market outlook is […]

Build the Brand before You Sell: Simple Branding Hacks for MSMEs

1. Are you a small or medium business owner struggling to sell? 2. Are  your customers more sensitive to  price than the  value you are creating? 3. Is your customer relation purely transactional? 4. Are you scared of the competition? 5. Are your customers not able to differentiate your products from that of your competitors? […]

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