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As a business owner, you must employ every strategy at your disposal to target customers, improve visibility, and increase sales. B2B buying patterns are changing, moving towards digital channels for procurement. Where B2B and B2C segments used to run entirely parallel, they are increasingly overlapping. Suppliers targeting buyers in either segment must address online availability, discoverability, digital marketing, and changing buyer behaviors in order to continue to grow successfully.

With a level digital playing field, SME suppliers can enjoy the same opportunities as large enterprises, growing their market share and reaching new markets globally. TradeLeaves Classifieds helps SME suppliers take advantage of these opportunities, overcome typical B2B eCommerce challenges, and expand their business. Online B2B buying is moving online with massive revenue potential. In fact, industry data provider Forrester Research estimates that B2B ecommerce transactions will reach $1.2 trillion by 2021. How can you maximize your business’s piece of that global pie?

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TradeLeaves Classifieds Helps Your Business Grow

Suppliers who are targeting B2B and B2C buyers are at a crossroads. Now is the time to adapt to a changing landscape or risk becoming stagnant or worse. The ubiquitous nature of the internet and proliferation of smartphones has leveled the playing field for SME suppliers. They can now take advantage of opportunities that were previously afforded only to large enterprises. Classifieds helps SME suppliers take advantage of these opportunities, growing market share and reaching new markets on a global scale.

TradeLeaves Classifieds helps suppliers address the following key concerns to not only survive, but to flourish:

Online Platform

Buyers want an online platform where they can conveniently find products, and securely purchase products from their device of choice. Doing this on your own requires a large financial investment and internal skills that your business may lack. This is a time consuming, expensive process, fraught with risks. TradeLeaves Classifieds allows suppliers to avoid this burden. The Classifieds platform takes care of handling the e-commerce activities. Using Classifieds, suppliers can add their products in minutes and make them available to potential buyers.

Online Discoverability

Anyone can set up a website but a website alone is not nearly enough. It is merely a starting point. Look at what happened to the B2C brick and mortar industry. As online retailers rose in popularity, foot traffic to stores fell dramatically. Shopping centers shuttered as consumers spent their money online. These same trends are now taking place in B2B buying. Don’t get left behind. Classifieds is another outlet in a business’s online toolbox that enables supplier product listings to be discoverable through online search results, social media, and its network of global and domestic buyers.

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, digital marketing is critical to reach businesses and consumers interested in suppliers products. But it’s not easy to do! Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape that requires ongoing work, expertise, and management. It can be costly to implement, especially when competing for space with large deep-pocketed corporations. With effective digital marketing strategies specific to businesses and consumers, Classifieds helps suppliers by connecting them with buyers for the right opportunity resulting in quality leads.

Adhering to Buyer Behavior

Buyers have grown accustomed to shopping around online. They go to consumer retail sites and search products, make comparisons, read reviews, and make buying decisions. B2B trends show that buyers want that same experience in B2B transactions. Familiarity breeds comfort. Classifieds helps suppliers by providing them a platform that looks and feels familiar, ultimately increasing supplier sales.

Identifying Sales Feasibility in New Markets

Traditionally, growing sales in new markets meant that suppliers had to find local distributors and invest in marketing and sales to promote their products. This takes an upfront financial and time investment. With Classifieds, suppliers do not have to go through this. They can quickly set up their products for new markets and gauge the interest for their product. Once they see strong continuous demand, they can justify market expansion. In this way, Classifieds helps suppliers by reducing risk and finding out which markets have potential for future growth.

Business Growth

With digital commerce, SME suppliers are no longer constrained by physical boundaries. Gone are the days where growth required a bigger labour force and brick and mortar locations. Classifieds has a global reach in countries across the world with digital marketing tactics that can promote suppliers to grow market share and reach new markets in a cost-effective manner.

Analytics & Reporting

Every business owner needs performance data. Classifieds analytics and reports help provide this knowledge and visibility to help suppliers grow their business.

TradeLeaves Classifieds leverages a vast network of global buyers and sellers to connect your products to buyers. Classifieds is an easy and affordable way to offer your product to a different audience, demographic, and market increasing sales and growing your business. If you want to improve your product visibility online, test the waters in a new market for your high quality products or services, or are considering launching a new line of products, TradeLeaves Classifieds is for you.

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Challenges in B2B eCommerce

Times are changing. Meet the needs of your B2B buyers and grow your business by offering your services and products on a platform that has been tailored with those changing demands in mind. Classifieds moves the B2C experience into the B2B buying world, making it easier to expand your reach and grow your business domestically or internationally. The TradeLeaves Classifieds service is designed to solve typical problems associated with B2B eCommerce.

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Product Assortment and Filtering

In B2C eCommerce, customers are presented with a wide-open assortment of products. That doesn’t work with B2B. B2B platforms need to be able to adapt to different customers through vendor-based filtering and categorization. TradeLeaves classifieds takes B2B buying behavior into account. It allows you to categorize your product offerings so that your listings are targeting the right buyers.

Order Approval Process and Negotiations

Buyers in a B2B transaction are typically tied to a policy driven buying process. They don’t simply go out, find a product, and place orders. They need to procure bids, present options for approval, and obtain a purchase order. Negotiations on price and terms are not only allowed, they are expected. As TradeLeaves member, all of your negotiations and communications with buyers are located in one place for easy documentation and referral. Keep tabs on your orders each step along the way, ushering your buyer from consideration to conversion.

TradeLeaves Classifieds helps your business overcome typical eCommerce challenges and expand your business, connecting the products you are selling to companies and consumers who are buying. Got something to sell? Place your first ad on TradeLeaves Classifieds for free!

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