How to Build and Promote your Store on an Online B2B Marketplace?

The Online B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketplace is arguably the best thing that happened in the world of B2B business. Selling on an Online B2B Marketplace differs from selling directly to customers. B2B companies have massive catalogs that they need to manage responsibly, so they continue to be trusted vendors for their customers. It would be beneficial […]

Build the Brand before You Sell: Simple Branding Hacks for MSMEs

1. Are you a small or medium business owner struggling to sell? 2. Are  your customers more sensitive to  price than the  value you are creating? 3. Is your customer relation purely transactional? 4. Are you scared of the competition? 5. Are your customers not able to differentiate your products from that of your competitors? […]

Selling to Wholesale Markets, With No Holes

How to sell to the top wholesale markets in India using a B2B marketplace India is going through a major wave of transformation, especially if you look at its business landscape. Affected by the unexpected impact of the pandemic and stirred up by some recent geo-political events, the production capacity of Indian businesses will undergo […]

Classified advertising Vs General advertising: Which is better

When Craigslist started in the 90s, it became a pioneer in online advertising. A lot has changed since then. A host of online marketing techniques like search advertising, social media ads, display ads, and more have evolved and changed the way products are promoted. But classified advertising remains one of those methods that still tends […]

How to sell online without Amazon or Alibaba?

The buffet is huge – you can pick a website, a listing service, a digital assistant, a social media platform, or a B2B marketplace. But the choice has to be yours – as per your plate and fork. Isn’t it amazing to see how soon everyone has switched to the online world? It is a […]

Top 10 activities to do to get back on track post-COVID 19

What happens after businesses enter those silent streets and dust-worn factories again? What do you wear to your next business meeting? Uncertainty or confidence? Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’. But ask yourself an honest question – Do we really know what that ‘normal’ is going to be like? Would it mean trying to […]

Why should US leather retailers consider imports?

To import or source locally is a challenging decision that leather retailers, across the nation, must face.  Perhaps you’re asking the question, “Why should US leather retailers consider imports?”  You certainly aren’t alone in wondering this. There are both opportunities and challenges when it comes to importing leather goods. Let’s examine both, beginning with the […]

10 Steps a Supplier Takes to Start B2B Exporting

META: The growth potential for a B2B supplier is nearly limitless if that supplier begins exporting through ecommerce. Here are 10 steps a supplier should take to start B2B exporting. The growth potential for a B2B supplier is nearly limitless in ecommerce exporting. The Indian B2B ecommerce market potential is expected to reach USD 700 […]

Why Should US Retailers Selling Through Multiple Channels Consider Imports?

You, as a small or medium-sized business owner, want to experience growth and achieve the next level in establishing your name in the community you serve. But you may be often left wondering what to do next. You are doing all that the guidebook is telling you to do, but still, something is missing. You […]

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