Why should US leather retailers consider imports?

To import or source locally is a challenging decision that leather retailers, across the nation, must face.  Perhaps you’re asking the question, “Why should US leather retailers consider imports?”  You certainly aren’t alone in wondering this. There are both opportunities and challenges when it comes to importing leather goods. Let’s examine both, beginning with the […]

Overcoming Challenges to Cross Border Trade

The online world is poised for a continuation of the massive expansion of global ecommerce. The driver behind that steady increase is cross border trade. How massive is the market you ask? It is so great that the actual figures are jaw dropping and nearly incomprehensible.  On the B2C ecommerce side of things, market value […]

Developing an Effective Online Strategy to Reach Your Customer

Gone are the days when businessmen shook hands and said, “I’ll have my people call your people,” or, “Let’s do lunch.” In-person meetings are a rarity in today’s digital age and the swapping of business cards has gone the way of the dinosaur. Without an effective digital strategy, you as a supplier, risk becoming extinct […]

10 Steps a Supplier Takes to Start B2B Exporting

META: The growth potential for a B2B supplier is nearly limitless if that supplier begins exporting through ecommerce. Here are 10 steps a supplier should take to start B2B exporting. The growth potential for a B2B supplier is nearly limitless in ecommerce exporting. The Indian B2B ecommerce market potential is expected to reach USD 700 […]

Sublimely Simple Domestic and International Trade with BLISS

Growing your small to midsize business can be challenging and costly. But it doesn’t have to be! In fact, it can be sublimely simple. List your business with BLISS and be visible to other businesses that want to connect, trade, and grow. BLISS by TradeLeaves  TradeLeaves BLISS is the Business Listing and Information Services tool […]

Why Should US Retailers Selling Through Multiple Channels Consider Imports?

You, as a small or medium-sized business owner, want to experience growth and achieve the next level in establishing your name in the community you serve. But you may be often left wondering what to do next. You are doing all that the guidebook is telling you to do, but still, something is missing. You […]

Lesson Learned for B2B Buyers in COVID-19 Crisis: Diversify Your Suppliers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the global economy to a screeching halt. As countries ban nonessential travel and business, industries of every kind are facing unprecedented challenges. This crisis is revealing just how impactful a disruption of this magnitude can be in a world that heavily relies on globalization to source and transport supplies and […]

10 Steps Buyers Should Take to Start Importing

Buyers who are looking to decrease costs, increase product quality, and grow their business are ready to consider importing from international markets. Ecommerce platforms are making it easier than ever to import, but it still comes with more challenges than domestic purchasing. The future of your business is at stake, so it’s crucial to understand […]

COVID-19 pandemicCOVID-19: Effect on Supply Chain, Impact on B2B Suppliers

Consumer buying behavior is changing drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses around the world are modifying their operations to reflect the changing landscape. In a time when thousands of workers are being laid off, some companies are expanding their labor force dramatically. The linchpin to business continuity in the wake of […]

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