Sublimely Simple Domestic and International Trade with BLISS

Growing your small to midsize business can be challenging and costly. But it doesn’t have to be! In fact, it can be sublimely simple. List your business with BLISS and be visible to other businesses that want to connect, trade, and grow.


BLISS by TradeLeaves 

TradeLeaves BLISS is the Business Listing and Information Services tool for TradeLeaves members. This B2B solution immediately increases your business’s visibility to verified suppliers and buyers, opening the doors of your business to the domestic or global market. Listing your business with BLISS gets you genuine inquiries from buyers, access to top suppliers, and helps you address common roadblocks to domestic and international trade. 


Challenges SMEs Face in Domestic and Foreign Trade

There is no doubt about it. Business expansion through trade comes with risks and obstacles. How you handle those challenges can make or break your business. Let’s look at some of the common problems small to mid size enterprises face in domestic and international trade and how BLISS can help solve these problems. 

Making Your Online Presence Import/Export Ready

Virtually every business has a website. That’s a great start but it’s not enough. Your online presence needs to be more strategic and calculated when you expand into domestic or international trade. Even with the latest and greatest SEO strategy available, your website will not be visible to all the buyers and suppliers you need to access. 

Rather than visiting a business’s website directly, today’s buyers first gain interest in a company from third party marketplaces, like TradeLeaves. If the buyer likes what they see on the third party site, they will then visit the company’s website. TradeLeaves BLISS acts as a gateway to get your website and business the extra exposure and credibility necessary to reach the verified buyers and vetted suppliers that will help take your business to the next level. 

Product Listing

Many businesses find online platforms on which to list their company. The problem is that most of them only allow a barebones profile that provides no opportunity to list or promote individual products or services. Your ability to convert a prospect to a paying customer rests considerably on whether or not they can obtain the product information needed during the consideration phase. The B2B Ecommerce Trends Report shows that product information ranks highly at 37% among all factors that play into a buying decision. On TradeLeaves BLISS, suppliers can provide detailed information about products, giving their products the edge required to convert views to sales. 

Company Listing

Any business owner can slap up a simple company profile online and may even get a few sales here and there in the process. When expanding your business domestically or internationally, however, you need to provide some assurance that your business can be trusted. One way to establish credibility and provide a professional outlook with potential buyers from the beginning is by building out a complete company listing that includes verification from third party sources. On BLISS, you have full control over your company profile, allowing you to put your best foot forward within theTradeleaves community. Further, with the TradeLeaves Verified Seal, buyers and suppliers will feel comfortable conducting business with you and your business will be differentiated from the competition. 

Conducting Business with Legitimate, Reputable Suppliers or Buyers

Frequently business owners dive into a deal with a supplier or buyer without having any idea of their legitimacy. This can lead to a loss of time, money, and confidence with far reaching consequences to your trade and overall business. BLISS removes those uncertainties so you can enter into transactions with confidence and assurance. With BLISS you get access to verified suppliers who have the quality, price, and availability of the materials you need. BLISS also gives you the opportunity to receive genuine inquiries about your products or services from qualified businesses in India or across the globe that need what you have to offer.

Communication Difficulties

Many business owners soon discover that communication is the key to facilitate smooth transactions with new suppliers or buyers. If you are an Indian business dealing with another Indian business for the first time, chances are that you will be able to effectively communicate with one another and close a deal with little to no communication snafus. However, if you are dealing with a company from another culture or country that speaks a different language than you, misunderstandings can lead to costly confusion. BLISS helps you stay in constant communication with your partner businesses in real time, from the first inquiry to the finalization of the transaction. All communications are kept in one place, easily accessible for your reference, and will remain there for future dealings. 

Reports & Analytics

Many SMEs find themselves operating in a void during times of expansion. WIthout proper data, companies are unsure of where their leads are coming from or which precise markets to target in campaigns. Analytics help businesses understand how their business is doing in real time. Detailed reports help owners grow their business strategically, not haphazardly. This  increases revenues, improves operational efficiencies and reduces risks. Analytics will help suppliers uncover new markets to target, compare themselves to competitors and the industry at large, and identify new procurement sources. TradeLeaves BLISS offers unmatched reports and analytics to all members for strategic, focused, low-risk growth.

TradeLeaves BLISS makes it easy for your business to realize seamless trade transactions. Get your business into the import and export game with TradeLeaves BLISS. Sign up today and get 3 months for free!

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