Top 10 activities to do to get back on track post-COVID 19

What happens after businesses enter those silent streets and dust-worn factories again? What do you wear to your next business meeting? Uncertainty or confidence? Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’. But ask yourself an honest question – Do we really know what that ‘normal’ is going to be like? Would it mean trying to […]

B2B Platforms: The Difference Between Direct and Marketplace

Whether Direct or as a marketplace, both forms of B2B platforms have the same outcomes but the routes are different – along with the time and costs they involve. In a B2B marketplace, companies sell their products alongside their competitors. In a Direct B2B platform, a company creates a dedicated eCommerce portal for their products. […]

B2B Online Marketplaces for Suppliers – Expand Your Possibilities

Every supplier caters to a specific market as per geography, size, and business. But imagine a world where there are fewer walls and more bridges to reach bigger business opportunities. Do you often feel like a frog in a well or worse, one in a bowl? You may have the best quality product. You may […]

How to save costs in indirect procurement using B2B Online Marketplace

It is easy to lose sight of the small amounts of money that are gained and lost in everyday operations. Can B2B Online Marketplaces save or reduce this precious cost? If you are a car-maker, you must be spending a lot of time, resources, meetings, software, and care in procuring the best wheels, glass panes, […]

B2B: Bigger to Better: The Marketplace of The Future

The B2B marketplace model is not a flash in the pan. It has a solid stronghold and direction. It’s not hard to guess why once we see its merits and unique advantages. Centuries ago, the world ran through ports that were the beehives of business activity. Ships and traders came and mingled, shared a glass […]

Stimulus Package for MSME: A Much-Needed Step for the Survival of Indian Busi...

Imagine starting your dream business after many years of research and effort. And suddenly you have to deal with the fear of losing it all due to a global pandemic. Yes! That’s the harsh reality of many Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India. Hit by the unforeseen circumstances due to Covid-19, followed by […]

TradeLeaves Introduction

1. What is TradeLeaves? TradeLeaves makes Cross Border and Domestic Trade simple through its online platforms comprising of Marketplace, Business Listing and Information Services (BLISS) and Classifieds.  TradeLeaves user-friendly digital platforms make increased visibility and exponential growth a few clicks away. TradeLeaves supplements the online platforms with its own professional services and escrow services as […]

How to Improve Online Visibility and Discoverability for B2B Suppliers

In the dawn of ecommerce, it was once enough to create a website, direct potential customers to it, and sell your products to those customers right there on your website. That age of the internet is over. For most businesses, it is still important to have a website as part of an overall online presence, […]

Steps a Small Business Can Take to Expand into Exports and Imports

An important step in the life of any small business is being firmly established in a home market. If you’ve made it to this vital milestone, congratulations! At this point, you are likely looking to expand. When savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners are ready to grow, they often look to a time-honored practice once […]

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