Lesson Learned for B2B Buyers in COVID-19 Crisis: Diversify Your Suppliers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the global economy to a screeching halt. As countries ban nonessential travel and business, industries of every kind are facing unprecedented challenges. This crisis is revealing just how impactful a disruption of this magnitude can be in a world that heavily relies on globalization to source and transport supplies and […]

10 Steps Buyers Should Take to Start Importing

Buyers who are looking to decrease costs, increase product quality, and grow their business are ready to consider importing from international markets. Ecommerce platforms are making it easier than ever to import, but it still comes with more challenges than domestic purchasing. The future of your business is at stake, so it’s crucial to understand […]

COVID-19 pandemicCOVID-19: Effect on Supply Chain, Impact on B2B Suppliers

Consumer buying behavior is changing drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses around the world are modifying their operations to reflect the changing landscape. In a time when thousands of workers are being laid off, some companies are expanding their labor force dramatically. The linchpin to business continuity in the wake of […]

US leather retailers can compete with fashion trends through imports

In today’s globalized economy, businesses are often looking beyond their own localities to fill their supply chain needs. Importing goods from distant locations may at first glance seem to be more expensive and less efficient than locally sourcing goods, but that could not be further from the truth. Imports can supply a high-quality product at […]

Classifieds: The Best Bet to get SME Enterprises Online

As a business owner, you must employ every strategy at your disposal to target customers, improve visibility, and increase sales. B2B buying patterns are changing, moving towards digital channels for procurement. Where B2B and B2C segments used to run entirely parallel, they are increasingly overlapping. Suppliers targeting buyers in either segment must address online availability, […]

Import and Export Easily with TradeLeaves

Are you ready to expand your business from local to global but aren’t sure where to start? Would your smaller business benefit from big business buying power? Are you finding it difficult to obtain products of the quality standard and price you require? If any of these business-to-business pain points sound familiar, it’s time to […]

International Trade Industry Terminology Blog

Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are many things you need to consider when you are entering the international trade market. You will come across many new terms you have never heard before, like landing costs and Incoterms. You will see many acronyms, and you will need to at least know what each […]

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