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B2B Online Marketplaces for Suppliers – Expand Your Possibilities

Every supplier caters to a specific market as per geography, size, and business. But imagine a world where there are fewer walls and more bridges to reach bigger business opportunities.

Do you often feel like a frog in a well or worse, one in a bowl? You may have the best quality product. You may be extremely disciplined with deadlines as an excellent supplier. Do your components still fail to enter a bigger market? Have you ever tried listing your products on a B2B online marketplace?

The chances are that there is a buyer out there who would really appreciate the product quality, variety, and punctuality you offer. It is also possible that this buyer would be ready to pay you the price you deserve.

So what’s stopping you from reaching that buyer who is also looking for a supplier like you – someone trustworthy, experienced, passionate, reliable, and available?

Benefit from B2B Online Marketplaces: B2B is about Suppliers2Business

Geography plays a bad joke for many suppliers and buyers. The distance of a few miles can be a huge gap for two parties that are interested in trade and business collaborations. It is easy for two suppliers to connect to each other via various means of transport and communication, but it isn’t very easy to reach a buyer in the same zone. There is, however, an answer that can bring down these geographical walls.

A B2B online marketplace can quickly bring you to a conversation with a buyer from a different town, region, or country. You don’t need to travel any Silk Routes for this one. All you need is a reliable marketplace that brings together traders and businesses from different parts of the world and industry. Under this common digital roof, parties can easily meet each other. They can look for the right trading partners and connect with just a click.

So tomorrow, if you decide to free yourself from the traps that were keeping you limited, all you need to do is join a B2B online marketplace

What will follow will pleasantly surprise you

1. You will be immediately visible to a vast list of buyers who have been looking for the components or services that their products need, which you readily have to supply.

2. You stand at an equal footing with other suppliers, irrespective of your size or location.

3. You enter a global business party of sorts with huge potential for profitable deals

4. You can put yourself in the spotlight and make it easy for the right buyers to zoom down on you – by using powerful features of the marketplace.

5. You can also keep track of buyers posting their needs and order descriptions

6. Connecting, signing contracts, and following up on agreements become super easy. There is a separate place for this called the Marketplace.

7. You can also fine-tune your positioning by using categories and verticals. Vertical marketplaces are gaining much ground. Data and analysis from the Digital Commerce 360 B2B Marketplace report series show that five years ago, there were far fewer B2B online marketplaces in vertical industries such as apparel, automotive, and healthcare. Fast forward to today, and we can see over 70 B2B marketplaces in more than 13 diverse industries.

8. You can manage accounts, customize order approvals, process invoices, and track payments, and so on, all in one place.

B2B Marketplace – The Bigger Bowl

As you can understand well now, the days of staying locked inside boundaries are long over. Now you have the power to reach a global pool of buyers without considerable travel or time.

It has been predicted that by 2020, revenues from B2B digital commerce would double. They might start accounting for around half of all B2B revenues. As to the USA, the B2B Commerce market would be around $1.2 trillion by 2021. If you stick to the traditional models, you should know that global revenue from offline commerce channels will decrease by almost 20% in that same period.

So, instead of staying in a well that is fast drying up, why not expand and grow? Why not reach out to all your potential buyers in India and the world?

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