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Are you ready to expand your business from local to global but aren’t sure where to start? Would your smaller business benefit from big business buying power? Are you finding it difficult to obtain products of the quality standard and price you require? If any of these business-to-business pain points sound familiar, it’s time to look into TradeLeaves.

You can avoid typical B2B barriers and securely grow your business by utilizing the three solutions available on the trading platform TradeLeaves.

  1. Marketplace
  2. Business Listing and Information Services (BLISS)
  3. Classifieds

#1 – TradeLeaves Marketplace

The TradeLeaves Marketplace is a vast and ever-expanding digital marketplace of buyers, sellers, and service providers in virtually every sector. Trading within the Marketplace is a simple way to increase market visibility and exponentially grow your business with fully vetted suppliers that you can trust.

How does it work? Let’s look at an example.

You own a small retail business. You are looking to expand into private label genuine leather shoes, handbags, and accessories that you can offer your growing customer base at an affordable price. The problem? You are having trouble finding a B2B partner who can produce the quality you require at a cost that will work within your margins.

The TradeLeaves Marketplace can help.

Our Marketplace is filled with vendors in a wide variety of sectors, including leather, handicrafts, spices, carpets, and more. It allows you to open your supply channels to the entire world with big business margins. You can import the products you need at a cost that works for your business without sacrificing quality.


TradeLeaves serves as your quality inspector and increases your buying power.

Far too frequently in today’s global marketplace, we are misled into buying products, services, or materials that completely miss the mark in terms of quality. TradeLeaves members have access to real reviews from verified transactions between fully vetted trading partners. When you make connections through our Marketplace, you can be sure that the business on the other end of the transaction is going to deliver a service, material, or product that meets your standards.

Small businesses pay more than big businesses. It’s a simple matter of economies of scale. With TradeLeaves Marketplace your small business can leverage big business buying power. How? Marketplace consolidates orders and leverages established relationships to get your small business big business pricing.

TradeLeaves makes the process as simple as online shopping with unsurpassed quality and buying power that you can count on.

Expansion Can Be Complicated. TradeLeaves Makes it Easy.

Many small to medium-sized businesses are looking to expand domestically or internationally but want to make sure they are taking advantage of the right opportunities. Documentation, customs processes, and taxes can be confusing and cumbersome. Rather than getting buried under a mountain of bureaucracy, some businesses would prefer to stick to what they know. But imports and exports are the path to growth. How does a business make their next move while protecting everything they have worked so hard to build?


With TradeLeaves, importing and exporting becomes effortless.

When you join the TradeLeaves community, you get a team of customer service professionals on call at every stage of the process. TradeLeaves supports members with:

  • Logistics
  • Customs
  • Documentation
  • Inspection Services
  • Packaging
  • Certification

Join the TradeLeaves community and see how easy expanding your business can be using our Marketplace to connect with the right suppliers, buyers, and sellers for your business.

For a limited time, your business can join Marketplace with 6 months for free!.


#2 – Find Your BLISS with Our Business Listing and Information Services

TradeLeaves BLISS is another B2B solution offered to TradeLeaves members. BLISS is an online directory that immediately increases your business’s visibility to verified buyers on a global stage. When you list your business with BLISS, you get genuine inquiries from buyers and much more.

  • Online visibility
  • Genuine relevant inquiries for your products or services
  • Post inquiries to other BLISS members
  • Real time communication with buyers
  • Analytics
  • Promotion of products and services

How can BLISS help your business? Here’s an example. Let’s say you own a packaging company that specializes in paper-based packaging supplies like bags and boxes. By listing your business on BLISS, you can provide your business with exposure to a large pool of buyers that are looking for boxes for their line of casual shoes or paper bags for their retail operation. BLISS members can find you and submit inquiries that are tracked and documented within your BLISS profile.

List your business with BLISS and you will be visible to other businesses that want to connect, trade, and grow.

TradeLeaves BLISS is all about making it easy for your business to gain access to a group of other B2B businesses that can make seamless transactions domestically or across borders.

Getting into the import and export game is sublimely simple with TradeLeaves BLISS. Sign up today and get 3 months for free!


#3 – TradeLeaves Classified for Finished Products

Want to improve your product visibility online or simply test the waters in a new market for your line of high quality finished consumer products? Perhaps you already have a booming retail operation but you are considering launching a new line. TradeLeaves Classifieds is for you.

Let’s assume that you have an established customer base for a line of jewelry. Your products are beautiful, well-made, and of the finest quality. Your customers rave about them and always come back for repeat purchases. You are considering launching a new line of custom-made pieces for weddings but you aren’t sure if the demand is there. TradeLeaves Classifieds is for you.

Our Classifieds leverage a vast network of global buyers and sellers to connect your product to potential buyers. Classifieds offers your business an easy and affordable way to offer your product to a different audience, demographic, and market.

Within the TradeLeaves network there are millions of buyers and sellers spanning every continent around the globe. We have buyers looking for specific products and products looking for specific buyers.

TradeLeaves Classifieds connects what you’re selling to someone who is buying.

Got something to sell? Place your first ad on TradeLeaves Classifieds for free!

With TradeLeaves, B2B Trading is Easy as 1,2,3

The B2B solutions offered by TradeLeaves can be used alone or in combination, depending on the needs of your business. Marketplace gives your business a seat at the trading table for you or your employees, domestically or globally. BLISS improves the visibility of your business that is poised to expand. Classifieds is an avenue to gain new market exposure for your finished products.

Not sure which solutions are right for you? Contact our customer service team and they can walk you through it.

Join TradeLeaves to buy the best, sell the most, and service new markets. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Join Marketplace, BLISS, or Classifieds for FREE.
  • Search the vast network for products and partners.
  • Connect through the platform and start trading today.

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