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Selling to Wholesale Markets, With No Holes

How to sell to the top wholesale markets in India using a B2B marketplace

India is going through a major wave of transformation, especially if you look at its business landscape. Affected by the unexpected impact of the pandemic and stirred up by some recent geo-political events, the production capacity of Indian businesses will undergo some significant shifts. This is the time for business continuity. This is the time for ‘Make-in-India’ impetus. This is the time for innovation in products.

That means a lot of this change and business heat is going to trickle down to the wholesale markets. Capacities would be challenged. Inventories would have to be spruced up. Margins would come under pressure. Patriotism might fuel end-user decisions. So, if you are a B2B supplier or buyer, your world will not be the same anymore.

That does not mean that it would be worse. It means a host of new opportunities are waiting to be unlocked if you can push the right buttons.

Mapping the top wholesale markets in India

There are several clusters of wholesale markets in India. They are defined either by the dominant trading community or the source of production.

Some important wholesale markets are jewelry market in Jaipur and Begaum Bazaar, Hyderabad, textile markets in Surat, household products in Sadar bazaar, Delhi, leather wholesale market in Dharavi, Mumbai and so on.

An online B2B marketplace can help you search and locate buyers based both on location and the nature of products. As a manufacturer or supplier, this saves tons of money in getting to the right set of buyers.

Reaching out to Wholesale markets with B2B Marketplace

Now is the time to be in the right marketplace. If you are smart and savvy in targeting the wholesale markets in India, you could cement a long and prosperous road of new business alliances and product innovation for the country. Product assortment and inventory decisions will become important. So why not be there when the production and supply streams are looking at refreshing their approaches and finding new partners?

These markets are also well connected within themselves. After you reach out to one set of traders, they can help you with more contacts.  Word of mouth is a highly trusted way of doing business in such markets. 

The best way to start is by choosing a platform that is prepared to tackle the demands of this new world. You have to be fast and adaptive. There is no room for wasted marketing budgets or diluting your marketing coverage. Finding the right buyers and accelerating business negotiations are activities that can directly define your margins and bottom-line now.

So pick a B2B marketplace that offers you:

  • Online speed and coverage
  • Capabilities of fast identification, placement and lead-cycles
  • Location-driven targeting
  • Credibility factor: verified buyers
  • Better visibility for your business
  • Simplified onboarding process
  • Conversations with businesses
  • Good ecosystem advantages
  • End to end transactions
  • Speed and simplicity

All these features of B2B marketplace can help you reach wholesale markets easily. You can start finding the right product-fit and address the new demands of wholesale markets.

Penetrate The Market – with Precision

To penetrate the markets faster, merely spending more will not work. What will matter is being on the right platform and devising the right B2B strategies.

As Aberdeen Group found: customer journey-mapping can make the sales cycle 18 times faster and increase revenue by 56%. One sure-shot way is an investment in a good trading platform. This is the right time to contribute to the nation’s new path of self-reliance and innovation. This is the time to help in business resilience and fighting the pandemic’s impact with your own growth engines.

Identify the new opportunities that emerge from wholesale markets, get your inventories and business readiness in order; and then get on to a good B2B marketplace. The country is going through a never-before change. You could be part of history, in your own way.

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