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Classified advertising Vs General advertising: Which is better

When Craigslist started in the 90s, it became a pioneer in online advertising. A lot has changed since then. A host of online marketing techniques like search advertising, social media ads, display ads, and more have evolved and changed the way products are promoted. But classified advertising remains one of those methods that still tends to reap benefits for business owners.

Classifieds have evolved from simple listings to become more compliant with current online marketing practices. Advertisers and marketers often ponder whether classified ads are better than other forms of online advertising (and even traditional ones for that matter). To know this in the right perspective, we need to understand a few features of classified ads.

  • A B2B Marketplace is very similar to a Fair or an Industry Expo. When they go to an Expo, they already know they are visiting the stalls of businesses to connect, build relations and buy if needed. The stall owners are assured that  they will get the right audience. Similarly, your Classifieds ad on a B2B marketplace will be seen by the right audience who are actually looking to buy products that you are selling. This is because a B2B marketplace is not visited for any other purpose, other than to buy, sell and grow the business. 
  • Since the classified ad is seen by the right buyers, you can easily build awareness about your brand in the minds of your target audience.
  • Classified advertising is simple to create. You can easily add pictures and descriptions of your products, set a budget, choose the geography, select an end date till the ad should run and you are done.
  • They help businesses save money, time, and other marketing resources, making it a sustainable advertising option.
  • Since the ads connect the business directly with the customer, the process of lead conversion is faster.
  • On a B2B marketplace, classified ads are seen without any distractions present on other platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter.

Now, if you compare online classified advertising with other forms like print, online display, search, or social advertising, classifieds fare better in certain aspects.

It’s cheaper than search marketing, display, or even social ads

As you know, traditional media is expensive. And it is beyond the reach of most small and medium businesses. Online advertising might be definitely cheaper than traditional, but it’s not really that cheap either. Planning, executing, and managing digital ads cost a lot. But with classified advertising, the cost is remarkably lesser. Unlike other ad campaigns, you need not spend time or valuable marketing resources to create an ad or hire an agency to plan and execute the same. And since there is no complex creative or copy involved, it can be changed any time.

Placing a classified ad is as easy as browsing websites. Some B2B platforms allow you to post ads for free. For more complex ads or specific business types, B2B portals offer advertising assistance through their support team. This makes it easier for many small and medium-sized businesses to connect with their potential and regular customers.

It has a better local reach

Tapping local markets is the need of the hour and classified advertising is highly effective for products and services which are local. Classified ads let you specify the locations of your customers. This gives you the opportunity to customize your ads along with language, tonality, and offers that are best suited for a specific geographical location. Unlike other advertising methods, classified makes your customers search for your business, rather than you chasing them.

Connects directly to your customers

Classified advertising allows direct access to your customers. Online classifieds on B2B marketplaces let the buyer connect directly to the supplier or manufacturer through the ad. There is no gap between your customer seeing the ad and making an inquiry. All it requires is a simple click for a call or email (or an online form). Classifieds generate leads faster and better, opening up more opportunities for conversion.

Why classified advertising works

Sometimes other forms of traditional or digital advertising are of great advantage. Sometimes, it is a good idea to harness the power of both and combine classified advertising with boosting your online presence on social media. But if you are looking for local business, quick conversions, and all at an affordable advertising budget, without compromising on the effectiveness, then classified advertising is your answer.

Classifieds advertising is most suited,

  • When you want to inform your target audience about attractive promotions.
  • To reduce your excess inventory of products whose quality will diminish with time
  • To inform your target audience about an upcoming sale or stock clearance event
  •  To create awareness about your product quality or manufacturing capability

With the radical changes in economic and social circumstances, businesses need to cut down on their marketing budget. But they need to stay afloat and hence keep generating leads. Online classified advertising is a big boon in such circumstances. It lets you continue with their promotional activities using minimal resources and generate ROI.

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