Classifieds Advertising: Cheaper than television, better than Facebook

Why is Classifieds advertising easy, fast and big on ROI? It’s hard to say when but, perhaps, it was in the early 2000 BC when some ancient Egyptian put out a public notice by carving some words on steel, that the world started using advertisements. From town-criers to papyrus-posters to bullock-cart billboards, we have come […]

How to get quick online visibility: Top 5 benefits of online listing on B2B ...

Online marketplaces have remarkably changed the way B2B businesses function. Whether you are a small startup, a local brick-and-mortar store, or a long-running small/medium-sized business, the most logical and beneficial marketing strategy for business owners today is to be visible online at any point in time. Online B2B portals are probably the best thing that […]

MSME and the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package, the road ahead

Recently, the Government of India launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package to release the pressure on MSMEs including Agri–based businesses, amidst the COVID -19 Pandemic scare. MSMEs have less cushioning against disasters like pandemics and this package has been created with an intent to provide much needed relief. The main takeaways of the most recent […]

B2B Platforms: The Difference Between Direct and Marketplace

Whether Direct or as a marketplace, both forms of B2B platforms have the same outcomes but the routes are different – along with the time and costs they involve. In a B2B marketplace, companies sell their products alongside their competitors. In a Direct B2B platform, a company creates a dedicated eCommerce portal for their products. […]

B2B Online Marketplaces for Suppliers – Expand Your Possibilities

Every supplier caters to a specific market as per geography, size, and business. But imagine a world where there are fewer walls and more bridges to reach bigger business opportunities. Do you often feel like a frog in a well or worse, one in a bowl? You may have the best quality product. You may […]

How to Improve Online Visibility and Discoverability for B2B Suppliers

In the dawn of ecommerce, it was once enough to create a website, direct potential customers to it, and sell your products to those customers right there on your website. That age of the internet is over. For most businesses, it is still important to have a website as part of an overall online presence, […]

Steps a Small Business Can Take to Expand into Exports and Imports

An important step in the life of any small business is being firmly established in a home market. If you’ve made it to this vital milestone, congratulations! At this point, you are likely looking to expand. When savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners are ready to grow, they often look to a time-honored practice once […]

Overcoming Challenges to Cross Border Trade

The online world is poised for a continuation of the massive expansion of global ecommerce. The driver behind that steady increase is cross border trade. How massive is the market you ask? It is so great that the actual figures are jaw dropping and nearly incomprehensible.  On the B2C ecommerce side of things, market value […]

Developing an Effective Online Strategy to Reach Your Customer

Gone are the days when businessmen shook hands and said, “I’ll have my people call your people,” or, “Let’s do lunch.” In-person meetings are a rarity in today’s digital age and the swapping of business cards has gone the way of the dinosaur. Without an effective digital strategy, you as a supplier, risk becoming extinct […]

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